TV Wall Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Living Room


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The TV wall is often a focal point in living rooms, but it can sometimes look bland or bare. With the right decor ideas, you can turn this space into an eye-catching feature that complements your interior style.

Gallery Wall Surround

Create a gallery wall around your TV with framed artwork, photos, and prints. This turns the TV into part of a larger visual display.

Built-In Shelving

 Install built-in shelves around your TV to display books, plants, and decorative items, seamlessly integrating the TV into the room’s design.

Accent Wall

Paint the wall behind your TV in a bold color or use wallpaper to create an accent wall that draws attention to the area.

Floating Media Console

 Use a sleek floating media console to house your entertainment equipment and add a modern touch to your TV wall.

Rustic Wood Paneling

 Add rustic charm with reclaimed wood paneling behind your TV. This texture adds warmth and character to the space.

Industrial Pipes

Create a unique industrial look with shelving made from pipes and wood planks around your TV.

Minimalist Mounting

Mount the TV on the wall with no additional decor for a clean, minimalist look that focuses attention solely on the screen.


Place decorative mirrors around your TV to reflect light and add a sense of space and elegance.

Geometric Patterns

 Use geometric wall decals or painted patterns behind the TV to create a modern, dynamic backdrop.

Hidden Storage

Incorporate hidden storage solutions around your TV wall to keep the area tidy and clutter-free.

Framed TV

Add a decorative frame around your TV to make it look like a piece of art when it’s not in use.

Custom Cabinetry

Invest in custom cabinetry that includes your TV, providing ample storage and a cohesive look.

Brick Wall

Expose or add a brick wall behind your TV for an industrial and urban aesthetic.

Textured Wallpaper

 Use textured wallpaper to add depth and interest to the TV wall.

Eclectic Mix

Combine various decor elements such as artwork, shelves, and plants in an eclectic mix around your TV.

Mantelpiece Mount

Mount your TV above a mantelpiece and decorate the mantel with candles, vases, or sculptures.

Concrete Finish

Apply a concrete finish to the wall behind your TV for a sleek, modern look.

Symmetrical Shelving

Install symmetrical shelves on either side of the TV for a balanced and structured appearance.

Art Deco

 Use Art Deco-inspired elements such as metallic finishes, geometric patterns, and bold colors to decorate your TV wall.

Cultural Touches

 Add cultural decor pieces like tapestries, masks, or artifacts around your TV for a globally inspired look.

Classic White Shelves

 Keep it classic with white shelves that offer a clean and timeless backdrop for your TV.

Wallpaper Mural

Create a focal point with a large-scale wallpaper mural behind your TV.

3D Wall Panels

Use 3D wall panels to add texture and interest to the TV wall.

Mix of Materials

 Combine different materials such as wood, metal, and glass for a layered and textured TV wall.

Sculptural Art

Place sculptural wall art around your TV to add an artistic and sophisticated touch.

Floating Shelves

 Install floating shelves above and below the TV to display decor items and keep the area organized.

Custom Artwork

Commission custom artwork that complements your decor and frames your TV as part of the overall design.

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