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Backyard pools can transform your outdoor space into a luxurious oasis for relaxation, entertainment, and exercise.

Saltwater Pool

 Enjoy the benefits of a low-maintenance and gentle-on-the-skin saltwater pool, which requires less chlorine and feels more like swimming in the ocean.

Swim-up Bar

Install a bar or countertop with submerged stools so you can enjoy drinks and snacks without leaving the water.

Infinity Edge Pool

This design creates a visual illusion by having the water appear to merge with the horizon, giving your backyard a luxurious resort-like feel.

Natural Pool

Mimic the look of a natural pond with a pool that incorporates natural elements like rocks, plants, and waterfalls for a serene and organic atmosphere.

Mosaic Tile Design

Create intricate patterns or designs with mosaic tiles to add a touch of elegance and artistry to your pool’s surface.

Tropical Oasis

Surround your pool with lush tropical landscaping, including palm trees, exotic flowers, and bamboo accents, to evoke a vacation vibe in your backyard.

Fire Features

 Incorporate fire pits, torches, or fire bowls around the pool area for a dramatic and cozy ambiance, especially in the evenings.

Baja Shelf

Also known as a tanning ledge, this shallow area within the pool allows you to lounge in the water while sunbathing or supervising children.

Underwater Lighting

Illuminate your pool with LED lights in various colors to create a captivating nighttime display and enhance safety for swimming after dark.

Rock Waterfall

 Install a rock waterfall feature that cascades into the pool, adding visual interest and the soothing sound of running water.

Poolside Theater

 Set up a projector and screen near the pool for outdoor movie nights under the stars, complete with comfortable seating and popcorn.

Swim Spa

Combine a pool and spa into one with a swim spa, which allows for swimming against a current for exercise and relaxation in the heated spa section.

Glass Tile Accents

 Use glass tiles to add sparkle and shimmer to your pool’s design, whether as accents, borders, or the entire surface.

Fiber Optic Starlight

 Create a celestial effect by embedding fiber optic strands in the pool’s floor or walls to resemble a starry night sky.

Sunken Seating Area

 Design a sunken lounge or seating area within the pool for a unique and immersive experience, perfect for socializing or simply unwinding.

Poolside Kitchen

 Build an outdoor kitchen with a grill, sink, and dining area near the pool for seamless outdoor entertaining and dining al fresco.

Water Jets

 Incorporate water jets or fountains into your pool design for playful water features and a therapeutic massage effect.

Eclectic Tile Patterns

 Mix and match different tile patterns, colors, and textures to create a dynamic and visually captivating pool surface.

Floating Pool Lounge

 Invest in inflatable or floating lounge chairs, sofas, or beds for ultimate relaxation while floating on the water’s surface.

Meditation Garden

Design a tranquil meditation or zen garden adjacent to the pool, complete with soothing elements like a water feature, bonsai trees, and meditation cushions.

Smart Pool Technology

Incorporate automation and smart technology to control your pool’s temperature, lighting, filtration, and more from your smartphone or tablet for effortless maintenance and convenience.

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