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Discover how minimalist design, natural materials, and soothing elements create serene spaces perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. From traditional onsen-inspired baths to sleek, modern layouts, these concepts will transform your bathroom into a sanctuary.

Scroll down to uncover inspiring designs and tips to bring the essence of Japan into your home.

White Tone with Round Bathtub

The bathroom is designed with a meditative aesthetic, featuring wooden elements and the serene presence of a landscape outside. Yet, it still offers breathtaking views of the surrounding forest. Notably, the space is adorned with a round traditional bathtub.

Blue Tiles

Inspired by the excitement and freshness of summer, the bathroom is enveloped in shades of blue reminiscent of ocean waves. Additionally, with the use of tile, the room exudes a cool, refreshing feel.


With a Japanese bathroom’s design, the bathroom space does not feel dull but evokes a familiar feeling. Featuring wood material and greenish tiles, the design exudes a sense of tranquility and coolness. The design becomes softer and guides users into a peaceful state akin to the tree itself.

Bamboo Tradition

The traditional wooden bathroom design evokes a classic Japan with its use of wood and bamboo. Blended with a pebble floor, the design helps create a sense of complete immersion in unspoiled nature. 

The bathtub rim is conveniently designed to hold essential items, complemented by a natural wooden screen that adds a sense of security. The entire design, with its warm brown tones, exudes elegance and tradition.

Black Aethestic

With a design dominated by black, the bathroom exudes an irresistible allure. The design feels solid with cement walls, balanced by traditional wooden decorations and trees outside.

Autumn Brown

In pursuit of luxurious relaxation, the design is characterized by the neutral browns of wood. Additionally, just beyond a door, two styles of bathtub are waiting. The entire design enhances the relaxing experience and the feeling of being traditionally immersed in nature.

Light Wood

The traditional wooden room, suffused with light, exudes a soft, serene, and soothing atmosphere. Modern design elements gracefully intertwine with tradition, creating a harmonious blend of past and present.

Stylized Bathtub

The bathroom, adorned in modern elegance with white walls harmoniously complemented by wooden elements, creates a space steeped in relaxation. The beautifully stylized wooden bathtub stands as the signature feature of this exquisite design.

Black Minimalism

A minimalist yet luxurious bathroom design. With a palette of black, the room exudes a meditative ambiance, adorned with strong, straight lines. Notably, the design’s highlight is the traditional Japanese black bowl-shaped bathtub, an intriguing focal point of this room.

Open Space

Using traditional design with wood materials that evoke a natural feel. The round hot tub fits one person perfectly for personal relaxation space. Additionally, the open space with a garden creates a unique and unforgettable experience.

Brick Walls

With terracotta tiles harmonizing with wood, the room evokes the peacefulness of home. The light brown tones create a gentle and serene atmosphere. Sunlit window frames allow for an intriguing view of the surrounding landscape.

White Tile Combination

Elegantly modernizing the traditional white-tiled Japanese family bathroom, the design seamlessly blends the coolness of tiles with natural wooden elements. A white, round personal bathtub offers a comfortable private space, complemented by a small window that welcomes the gentle sunlight.

Light Grey

With a traditional design featuring cement and wood, the space exudes a minimalist feel that invokes a sense of safety and comfort. In contrast to the robust structure, the design is elegantly stylized with fragmented lines that embody the wabi-sabi aesthetic. The entire space is harmoniously balanced by a wooden bathtub and the delicate adornment of cherry blossom branches.

Warm Tone

Warm family bathroom design with a square bathtub and practical amenities. The warm atmosphere is enhanced by brown tones and soft lighting. The space features sunlight through the window and a cool green garden area.

Deep Blue Tile

The bathroom is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, featuring natural wood elements interwoven with the refreshing blue of tiled surfaces. The centerpiece is a stylized large rectangle bathtub, accompanied by aesthetically pleasing decorations. The room is designed with large doors to invite sunlight, enhancing the tranquil ambiance.

Stone Edge

The stone space creates a solid and grounded feel, complemented by the natural tranquility of wood. Soft lighting gently illuminates the contrasting tones of the room, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

Square Bathtub

With its square design, the bathtub creates a spacious area for relaxation. Wooden architecture with warm tones brings a distinctly Japanese ambiance. Soft lighting enhances the soothing atmosphere.

Natural Rock

Returning to nature, invoking a meditative feel with stone design, the bathroom exudes solidity without rigidity. Instead, with warm lighting and fresh greenery, it creates a modern and relaxing space.

Black Tile

The bathroom, modernized with sleek black tiles and clean, straight lines, exudes contemporary elegance. The darkness of the room is beautifully balanced by natural light streaming in through the wide-open door, creating a harmonious blend of shadow and illumination.

Open Space with Wood

The bathroom is designed with primary materials of wood and traditional style of paper door, beautifully naturalized by an oval white bathtub that harmonizes with the main lines of the space. Notably, large windows enhance the serene and comfortable atmosphere.

Luxury Stone Design

With a classic enclosed design, the room is innovatively modernized using stone and wood materials. The space exudes traditional simplicity through neutral colors and bold, straight lines, embodying a timeless elegance.

Round Bathtub

With a compact, round bathtub that allows for complete immersion, the design exudes a gentle, natural closeness with its wooden elements. The warm color palette enhances overall comfort to the fullest extent.

Grey Wood

The traditional design is elegantly modernized through the use of wood in refreshing gray tones. Furthermore, the overall brightness of the design is enhanced by large glass doors that welcome sunlight. The classically shaped wooden bathtub balances the robustness of modernity with its soft, curved lines.

Light Warm Tone

Inspired by sunrise, the room with soft yellow hues creates an uplifting feel. The stone design instills a sense of solidity and coolness. The experience is enhanced by a small garden outside.

Open Square Space

With its open, square design, it evokes a sense of abundance and tranquility in culture. The wood material brings a feeling of closeness to nature. Two large doors open up to the garden space

Modern Wood Design

The all-wood bathroom exudes traditional charm amidst the bustling cityscape. Yet, the design is far from outdated, harmoniously blending with modern elements to create an intriguing aesthetic. The elegantly curved wooden bathtub serves as a captivating focal point, adding a unique touch to the entire bathroom design.

Rock Floor In Traditional House

The bathroom architecture harmoniously blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with stone flooring and a modern Western bathtub. The serene ambiance is further enhanced by the lush greenery of the garden view, fostering a gentle sense of peace and tranquility.

Sunrise Brown

Inspired by the morning sunlight, the bathroom is designed entirely in a traditional style with wooden materials within an old-fashioned house. Large doors open to welcome the sunlight, which glides over the traditional bonsai garden, creating an atmosphere of serene tranquility of the heat of water.

Tile Bathtub in Traditional House

The traditional wooden bathroom is elegantly modernized with a large round bathtub crafted from blue tiles. The coolness of the tile contrasts beautifully with the warm tones of the room, bathed in sunlight. This nature-friendly design is complemented by a refreshing green garden, enhancing the tranquil ambiance.

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